Perpetual White Noise

by Counter

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Recorded and mixed with Emanual Ellinas at Magnetic Audio. Mastered by Matt Whitson.


released 08 April 2013



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Track Name: Carcass of Eden
Who will answer for the desolation,
Of the earth and it's multitude?
Humanity devoured, man turned vulture,
At the carcass of innocence.

Like dogs begging for scraps,
The ritual of the damned to buy and
To bleed their weary hearts dry.
A culture of decay's demise.

Anything to gain profit,
Anything to further the cause,
Of imminent destruction of the world.

Nailing themselves to their cross.
No sympathy, for the annihilation of the guilty.

The masses suffer in silence,
In martyr's blood and futility,
At the hands of heartless fools.
Few still stand.

I will not be a slave.
Absence of light,
Perpetual white noise,
My soul is void.
Track Name: Eucharist
How much longer will we tolerate
The dogs of war biting at our heels,
The noose slipping around our necks,
Every lie and falsehood we are led to?

Taste the blood of a revolution,
Poured from the pulpit,
Drawn from you and I.
Fed to the monolith of Christ.
Freedom to live and die,
In servitude to nonexistence.

No god, no man will hear your cry.
Hear my plea father on high,
With all my heart and mind,
I deny you.

Judge me for my sins.
Leave me to the nails of the earth,
And the teeth of the damned,
but I will never kneel.

I will never kneel.
I will never kneel.
Track Name: Rebirth
Heretic, from birth to death.
Crucified for my vanities,
Died for no man's sins,
Buried alive, and born again.

I am not Lazarus,
Arisen from his tomb.
Every devil and every demon,
Calls my temple home.

I am legion.
Man fears my name.
Grief comes in my wake.

No light.
No darkness.
Track Name: Death's Scythe
My voice for those who suffer,
In the chains of profit.
My voice for those who are bred,
To live and die by the greed of man.

This is the lament of the innocent,
Of the unrighteously damned.
Souls lost in unison,
To the gears of progress.

What has been sewn,
Will be reaped by the scythe.

My will be heard,
Through blood and chains.
Retribution, for those without voice,

What has been sewn,
Will be reaped.
Track Name: Disciplined Youth
This is the answer to decayed youth,
A path that so few follow.
Counter to the current of change,
Truth in both name and face.

My strength is found in self-worth,
A foundation set in stone.
An ideal to oppose decadence,
And an early fucking grave.

I have seen the self-damned fall,
And writhe into degradation.
I abstain, my choice forever,
Proudly against the grain.

I stand opposed to mindlessness,
Against needless destruction,
Of both body and mind.
I stand devoid of any crutch.

A disciplined youth,
I will stay.

Rooted in my morality,
I adhere to the true discipline.
Through turmoil and strife,
I will not falter or fade.
It is said the choice remains.
I walk the straight edge.